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We provide relevant and comprehensive child support in Australia. We also provide comprehensive information on all you need to know about your babies and child. We are a parenting website that offers all the knowledge you need to foster the development of your child.

If you are in need support for your child development and maintenance, our service covers all the areas that help you better understand your babies across all their developmental stages.


The period of pregnancy is one where women often have the need to take things with care. Routines change and what you used to do may not be valid anymore for the period the pregnancy lasts. There is a lot to learn about pregnancy in a bid to have a seamless pregnancy period. From exercises during pregnancy to miscarriages, pregnancy is a topic that is broad and covers a wide area. Both men and women have things to learn about pregnancy. There are activities and approaches that the man needs to take when the wife is pregnant.


As exciting as it may be to have your newborn, that stage also comes with a few things you need to know. Knowing these things beforehand will put you in a better position to understand your baby and do the most accordingly. From breastfeeding to newborn development, there is a lot to learn about your newborn. The good news is that learning these earlier makes you informed and reduces the stress you face. If you have the right information at your disposal, you can breastfeed and support your baby adequately.


Understanding babies is something that requires patience and time. You have to invest time with your baby and understand the traits and needs of the baby. Babies can have shifting moods and needs. If you are not paying attention, you may be serving them wrongly and they won’t feel satisfied. This is why you need to track the development of your baby. From feeding needs to care needs, your baby will have varying needs as they grow older.

School Age

School age is simply the period between 5-8 years of age. It is a critical moment in any child’s life. At that point, the child is now compelled to abandon the comfort of his parent’s home and step into the school environment, which of course is very new. The attainment of school age by a child is pretty much like the culture shock any person may experience.


Teenage years are possibly the most decisive moments that can make or break our lives. It is a time of overwhelming adventures and we kind of just tend to look for everything. But what is it like actually being on the verge of teenagehood?


Teenagers are young people who are consistently faced with strange questions they may not be able to quickly answer. They are deeply engaged in many things and are looking into many directions at a time. For them, they want to make peace with whatever appeals to their natural instincts at any point in time. However, while doing this, they still have to confront a lot of emotional challenges. These emotions are usually what dictate an action, attitude, behaviour or moods.

Grown Ups

Being a teenager looking for freedom is one thing. Being an adult dealing with that freedom is another. Quite similar to admiring swimmers and getting a first dip in the pool without the rubber. It feels odd to be free. Yet, the idea of adulthood becomes even expanded when it involves creating a person’s family. There is the part where a suitable spouse is important; agreeing and actually understanding that spouse is even more important.


Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a condition where the child finds it hard to communicate with other people. Autism is usually discovered early in the infant years. The baby does not relate normally with the parent. He is unable to make eye contact and may not smile or react to attempts at playful interaction. As he grows, it becomes pronounced. The child now displays a clear disinterest in many things that would normally excite other kids.


Disability simply refers to a physical or cognitive trait that prevents a person from exhibiting similar capabilities as the general populace. It is an impairment which separates the affected person from other people. It can either be caused by natural or artificial circumstances. Care is also something which can be difficult to access for people who have these conditions.